100% Completely Automated, Web Based WhatsApp Marketing Software for Marketers & Agencies

With WA Bulk Panel®, you can use the power of WhatsApp messaging to send text, image, video & PDF files anywhere your customers carry their cell phones. Get WA Bulk Panel's demo right away when you sign up for a free trial account right now.

What Does WA Bulk Panel Work?

We Provide End to End WhatsApp Marketing Automation System That Works On Auto Pilot

WA Bulk Panel utilizes the power of artificial intelligence & data intelligence technology to give you a completely automated WhatsApp marketing platform. Using the advanced P2P channel sharing technology which emulates a normal user behaviour on WhatsApp, you are able to by pass WhatsApp blocking & spam detection filters and continue running your WhatsApp marketing campaigns on higher numbers.

Also, our system has an automated bot system which provides push notification updates directly on your WhatsApp number with updates on active campaigns, new user signup, automated registration system right within WhatsApp. And basically complete control for every campaign that goes into the system.

Our solution can help you scale and send millions of WhatsApp messages automatically using our robust, secure, and always updated end to end WhatsApp marketing solution.

It's as easy as uploading list of mobile numbers. And clicking the start sending button. It automatically filters active WhatsApp numbers and allows you to find the right audience across the globe.

Best of all? WA Bulk Panel does this automatically using it's advanced P2P WhatsApp channel automation. To imitate a normal user behaviour to continue messaging without getting BLOCKED! Click below to get started.

Click above to get started with WA Bulk Panel right now. 

Easiest Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Automation Script

  • Send Millions of Automated Messages on WhatsApp
  •  Artificial Intelligence & P2P Channel Conversation System (For Emulating Normal User Behaviour)
  • Add Unlimited WhatsApp Channels (Powered by P2P Channel Network Creation System)
  • Change Profile Picture & WhatsApp Sender Name of Each WhatsApp Channel (Campaign Wise) 
  • Supports Text, Image, Video & PDF files

SenSend Text, Image, Video & PDF files

  • Automated Bot Reporting System (For Admin, Reseller, and Users) 
  • Complete Delivery Reports With Active & Inactive WhatsApp Numbers
  • WhatsApp Filteration Tool
  • TrueCaller Filter Tool 
  • Reseller Referral System
  • Real Time Delivery Report & Campaign History
  • Personalized Inbox Replies (Coming Soon)
  • Free Lifetime Support & Free Upgrades
  • Our WhatsApp Channels Online 24 x 7
  •  Anti Blocking & AntiSPAM Detection  
  •  Automated Bot Panel With Admin Control 
  • Full Admin Control Settings (Admin, Reseller & User Level)
  • Channel Management System
  • Automated & Manual Channel Registration System (With Channel Password Protection)
  • Reseller & User Panel With Credit System 

Run Any Kind Of WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns 

Run Text, Image, Video & PDF Files WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns 


(3000+ Characters)  


(1500+ Chracters)  


(1500+ Characters)  


(1500+ Word)  


WhatsApp Campaign Dashboard

Our dashboard features all the highlights & updates on the present status of your campaigns. We made sure it's simplistic, yet sophisticated.

Simply, browse the left side tabs on the dashboard to take the next steps.

Send Single Message - Instantly with a blink of an eye.

Do you want to send few messages to people on the spot when on a call with them with your product info, payment details, etc.? 

Send Text, Image, Video & PDF files instantly using our Send Single tab in the dashboard. 

You can send text message upto 3,000 characters, Image with caption upto 1500 characters, Video with caption upto 1500 characters, plus PDF files directly on WhatsApp

Know Your Prospects Name Using TrueCaller Filter Ever wondered what's the name of your prospects with the 1000s of mobile numbers you have?  

It's as simple as typing the mobile number. And knowing more about your customers, prospects & clients with a click of a button in our truecaller filter tab. 

Even better: Once, you have the name of your prospects. You can send them personalized messages directly targeting WhatsApp campaigns using their name.

Automated WhatsApp Filteration Tool 

You can extract all the list of active and non active WhatsApp numbers using our completely automated WhatsApp filteration tool right inside our dashboard.  

You will get a list of all the active WhatsApp numbers & non active WhatsApp numbers in a seperately TXT format downloadable file format once filteration process is complete. 

Our filteration process is very very fast. And you can filter millions of numbers in no time. Each 100 numbers filtered are counted as 1 credit in our system. 

CREATE CAMPAIGN: Text, Image, Video & PDF Files 

Use the create campaign tab in our platform to start running WhatsApp campaigns using Text, Image, Video & PDF files format. You can upload mobile numbers for our platform to start filtering the active WhatsApp numbers database. And then, click Start Campaign to add campaigns in queue.

Pay As You Go, Cheaper & Effective Account Credit Purchase System

Really, an honest, pay as you go system. System doesn't charge for undelivered messages. You don't need to worry about future updates, buying channels, and then having scalability issues. 

Start with a small package and test the service first.

Special discounts of bulk packages for higher volumes.

100%Genuine Delivery Reports: Everything at one place. 

Once, the campaigns are finished. You get complete list of active and non active WhatsApp numbers, campaign delivery report with all the details (Sender ID, Phone numbers, Send Date & Time & everything at one place.)

Once, the filteration process is done after uploading the campaign. The campaigns start when you approve them to add it into a queue.

Get free trial credits to test our system and see it in action. Click below to get started now.

What's The Advantage Of Using WA Bulk Panel?

More Engagement Than SMS & Email. Period.

WhatsApp marketing campaigns give you upto 90%+ open rates. And if you compare SMS (which limits you to 160 characters) then you can send upto 3,000 characters text messages on WhatsApp! Your prospects can ignore SMS messages, but NOT WhatsApp messages.

Engage in a better way by customize your profile picture & sender name of each WhatsApp number that will be used to send messages.

Send More Engaging Content With Image, Video & PDF Files

You can run promotional offers, special discounts & super deals with your promotions in more engaging content like viral videos & special offer images. Plus you can even send upto 1500 characters text messages with Image & video. Send proposals directly on your clients mobile phone by sharing your PDF proposals & presentations.  

Best of all? You can set up any format at same cost to start generating new leads in less than 5 minutes.

Send To Any WhatsApp Number Globally

You can send messages to any active WhatsApp number on the planet. There is no restriction in terms of geography. The only thing you need is the right list of mobile numbers. And our system will find out the active WhatsApp numbers for you in few minutes.  

You don't need to run a huge setup, infrastrucutre, or buy any tool or channels to run your campaigning. We handle it all for you.

100% Genuine Delivery. We mean it! 

Unlike WhatsApp marketing vendors, service providers, resellers and companies providing WhatsApp marketing service. Who just give you credits from a same old dashboard panel. But, never deliver your message on time. We have a real time automated bot system which keeps you updated for every activity for each of your marketing campaigns.

Don't believe us? Try our service starting from a small package of credits. And experience the difference.

Top Tech Support When You Need It

WA Bulk Panel employs over the top tech-savvy support pros who are happy to answer any questions you have about anything. As a member, you'll also be invited to an active, encouraging community where you can connect with thousands of other members and staff to ask questions.  

Got marketing questions? WA Bulk Panel can help. In their weekly "Marketing Mastery" coaching calls, you can ask expert WhatsApp marketers absolutely anything about how to grow your business using.  

Plus, WA Bulk Panel hosts weekly training sessions on every marketing topic you can imagine. (You could pay hundreds or even thousands for this type of training anywhere else. But it's all included with your WABulkPanel.com membership.)  

Plus, you'll also get free sample credits when you sign up for a membership. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Try WA Bulk Panel for free!

You can try our whole marketing system for free, plus all the features - including filteration tool, TrueCaller filter, Send Single message, reporting panel and more. When you purchase credits now - you get 20% on the total credits.

Scale your campaigns without any hassle of using WhatsApp software, tools, scripts, and solutions that don't work. Requires heavy investment, needs management & updates. And you risk getting channels blocked. Wasting your time, energy, efforts, money and the opportunity that WhatsApp can bring to your business.

Plus, there's absolutely no risk. Every client is backed by 100% delivery guaranteed. If not, we'll refund your money & double your fees. 

Get free trial credits to test our system and see it in action. Click below to get started now.

Frequently Asked Questions About WhatsApp Marketing  

How many messages can I send per day? 

You can send as many as messages as you want using WA Bulk Panel. Just that you need WhatsApp channels added into the script. We provide WhatsApp channels included with the script varying on the version you purchase.  

Marketer Edition - 5,000 Channels Included (1,00,000 daily) Agency Edition - 10,000 Channels Included (2,00,000 daily) Agency + Source Code Edition - 20,000 Channels Included (4,00,000 daily)

Using each set of 1,000 Channels you can send upto 20 messages per day. Making it 20,000 messages daily & upto 6,00,000 messages on a monthly basis using 1000 channels.  

So, i.e. with 5,000 channels you can send 1,00,000 messages daily And i.e with 10,000 channels you can send 2,00,000 messages daily And i.e with 20,000 channels you can send 4,00,000 messages daily  

Is it a one time fee?

Yes, it’s a one time license fee per domain per installation which includes channels depending on the version you purchase. 

This includes script + channels + installation + future updates.  

You will also receive one to one training call with our technical support team which can be availed any time upto 3 months from the date of purchase.  

We also provide you with member’s area which includes video training, bi-weekly webinars, software installation guide, marketing swipe files & various case studies of our previous clients, access to our support team via Skype, WhatsApp and Live Chat exclusive to our paid clients 

Every license you buy from us. Is having a lifetime validity. That means, we will not charge you a single penny extra and provide you with unlimited future updates along with 3 months support for you to be able to understand the software, operate the software in the best possible way, and advice you on how to best utilize our software so that you can scale your campaigns to the numbers you want to target on WhatsApp. 

Where do I install the script? Do you provide installation instructions? Your license purchase comes with free installation for the first time. So, our technical support team will install the script for you on your own server.  

We recommend you purchase 10$/month to 20$/month plan from digitalocean.com with Ubuntu Linux installation. Once, you have setup an account on Digital Ocean.  

Simply, provide us with your web hosting details. And our team will install the script for you.  

You don’t need any technical understanding to use our script. Our team will setup the script, update the panel with optimised settings, and make the script + channels uploaded into the server so you can start using it once installation is completed.  

One license is valid for only one domain installation. You need to purchase separate license if you want to install the script on another server.  

Yes, you can upload your own WhatsApp channels into the script. We also provide WhatsApp Channel Registration Tool with an option to register WhatsApp Channels manually by requesting WhatsApp Registration Code and activated the channel. And also provide integration with various WhatsApp Channels provider service which automates your channel registration process.  

You can select from various country channels along with your purchase. We primarily provide channels from the following countries depending on the availability: USA (+1 international code) Canada (+1 international code) Philippines (+63 international code) India (+91 international code) UK (+44 international code). 

Can I upload my own WhatsApp Channels? Which channels do you provide with the script?

Yes, you can upload your own WhatsApp channels into the script. We also provide WhatsApp Channel Registration Tool with an option to register WhatsApp Channels manually by requesting WhatsApp Registration Code and activated the channel.  

And also provide integration with various WhatsApp Channels provider service which automates your channel registration process.  

You can select from various country channels along with your purchase. We primarily provide channels from the following countries depending on the availability: 1. USA (+1 international code) 2. Canada (+1 international code) 3. Philippines (+63 international code) 4. India (+91 international code) 5. UK (+44 international code).  

How many messages can I send per hour/day/week? How much time does it take to complete the campaign? Our system sends anywhere from 50,000 to 1,50,000 messages per hour depending on the volume of present campaigns in queue for the day. If all message campaigns are delivered based immediately after the next slots available.

Can I upgrade my script in the future to another version, later? NO, you cannot upgrade from a lower version to a upper version in the future. Sorry!  

That’s because we cannot revoke a license key once installation is done on the server. And also to protect the channels that are uploaded into the script once installation is completed.  

Once, the channels are activated into the script. They generate their own unique identity number on WhatsApp. So, when we migrate the channels from one server setup to another then the Unique Identity Key on WhatsApp changes for each channels. And you will lose all the channels because of the change in key.  

Of course, you can purchase another version of our script and we will include channels as per the version you purchase.

Whats are your pricing? Can you show me a demo?

Sure, please reach us on WhatsApp at +16463626869 

Alternatively, drop us an email at [email protected] for more details and activating your demo account.